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This page requires that your browser understands UTF-8 and has a font mapping for the Runic charset to the correct glyphs so that anything other than question points or squares may appear. It works just great for me using Mozilla 1.1a on Linux which comes configured sanely by default to use a font that covers a very large percentage of the unicode glyphs. I made the mapping for the first tool by looking at the code page PDF and comparing it to a spell book. I am pretty sure it is correct, but if your cat implodes or you get possesed by the spirit of Odin, don't blame me!

The page is written in self-contained JavaScript, so you can save it locally and use it from there. Of course I'd rather that you bookmarked it and came back when you wanted it, that way you'll get to see any updates I make to it. I'd like to get a dynamic Runic font set up so the page isn't dependant on the user having runic fonts installed and mapped correctly. I may just settle for images of the glyphs, which would be painful to make, and inefficient to download, but at last it would be cross platform. In the meantime, if you are a windows user, download the Code2000 unicode font, which I've tested and works well for this page.

ASCII -> Runes

A limited Latin to Futhark/Runic alphabet converter

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Rune Picker

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